Services & Rates

Services & Rates



All rates not including studio fee, if studio time is necessary.
Editing (2 engineers) - $60/ hr or $600/day 
Mixing - $45/hr or $300/day
ADR - $45/hr or $300/day
Foley (2 engineers) - $60/ hr or $600/day 

Music Composition/Sound Design - Contact for Rates

On-set Sound - $30/ hr + Equipment Rental

Forensic Audio Repair - $45/hr or $300/day


All rates not including studio fee

Record Engineering - $45/hr or $300/day

Mixing - $45/hr or $300/day

Mastering - $35/track

Producing - Contact for Rates



We offer lessons in both private and group settings. All lessons are offered as individual or at a reduced rate for group settings (group sessions only offered in studio).

DAWS (one DAW per lesson)

  • Pro Tools

  • Ableton

  • Logic 

Film Mixing & Editing

  • Pro Tools

Record Engineering

  • Home Studio

  • Professional Studio

  • Film On-Set

Music Mixing

  • Pro Tools

  • Ableton

  • Logic 

Synthesis Programming

  • Serum

  • FM8

  • Massive

Individual Private lessons: $60/hour with 2 hour minimum

  • Minimum 2 hours for out of studio rate, and 4 hours max. 

  • Location of lesson can be decided on case by case for convenience. 

  • For in Studio Individual lessons, we only offer the maximum run-time of four hours per studio rental policy.

  • The cost for the lesson in studio covers studio fee.

Group lessons: $50/hour with 4 hour minimum

  • 4-6 individuals per group

  • Access to all Studio gear at Different Fur Studios

  • All group lessons are at the maximum run-time of four hours as per studio policy rental policy. 

  • The cost for the lesson covers studio fee.




Pro Tools



How long is a day?

Our days are usually 8-10 hour days.

Are we able to do half days?

We go on an hourly rate until we hit 6 hours. After 6 hours it becomes a full day rate.

What are the minimum project requirements?

We have a 2 hour minimum for all projects at home and in studio.

Are changes included in the hourly rates?

After a draft is delivered we usually include 2 change passes. After that we have a reduced hourly rate for each pass.

What if we can only afford one of you all?

Some services we provide need both of us to complete because it will be more efficient and save you money in the long run. It also allows us to communicate and work together on the important steps in the project so we can save you time and money. We do offer services that only require one of us and we are more than willing to communicate and accommodate.

What is the difference between needing a studio and hiring you at home?

The biggest difference is working in a studio would allow us to monitor the sounds with more detail to make precise edits that headphones or average speakers cannot provide. Also studios are a controlled environment that allow us to record sounds with more clarity, mix with more resources, and have access to more high quality equipment. We do understand that a lot of projects have a limited budget so we do offer at home mixing and editing for a reduced price but the client understands that our resources are limited as a result.

Can you work on our project while we are editing?

In our experience working with projects that do not have picture lock end up costing the client double the time and money to complete the project. For this reason we only work on projects that have picture lock unless it is a very special circumstance.

What if we aren’t based in San Francisco?

We have worked with clients from all over the Bay, LA, New York, Austin, and many more! We have the capacity to work remotely or we are willing to go to you!

Do you have your own equipment for on-set or location based sound services?

For on-set film sound we have access to equipment rentals at a reduced cost. For location based music recording we have a Scarlett 2i2, H4n, (2) SM57, and Rhode NT1.

We need both film and audio services for our project, how can we make this happen?

We work closely with our sibling company Sunkissed Productions which is an independent film collective. We have worked with them on short films, music videos, commercials, and documentaries.

Can you help us get it started and we finish the rest?

We do offer private or small group lessons in DAWs, mixing, mastering, engineering, and other audio techniques. We would love to teach you what you need to know to get your project started and for you to be able to DIY!