b. 1986, HK.


Photo by  Erin Conger

Photo by Erin Conger


A.K.A. Lien Do (Leviathe) & Matt Pereira (Komak), are both in-house producers and engineers based out of Different Fur Recording Studios in San Francisco. With expertise in classical music, electronic composition, and sound design for visual media, they have combined skills to create a versatile team.

Utilizing modern music technology, they worked collaboratively to create in depth soundscapes that merge the space between composition and sound design. With backgrounds in recording/mixing engineering from Different Fur, both have experience in film audio post-production for mixing at all stages for projects from feature films, short films, webseries, podcasts, animation, and more. Liema have clientele nationally in both film and music.

Photo by  Wables

Photo by Wables

Matt Pereira (Komak)

With a Masters in Audio Design, Matt creates sound design pieces using fm synthesis to create a truly immersive and unique sound creating more space for the soundscape.

Photo by  Wables

Photo by Wables

Lien Do (Leviathe)

With a double Bachelors of the Arts in Music and Design, Lien composes string arrangements styled with microtonal dissonance that create a unique classical style paired with electronic influence. 



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